In the same Advanced eyelash. 6. Continue to learn more with: David A. Agard, PhD. It deactivates the option To allow that the users to connect itself remotely to this equipment 7. It clicks in Applying, clicks in Accepting You do not worry – podras to accede to similar MSN, Skype and other programs. Decontamination of Remote assistance and remote Writing-desk does not affect to them of any way. 3. To execute Windows XP from time to time chkdsk (disc verification) Windows XP chkdsk is a tool that is due to execute from time to time.

The disc for the errors will be analyzed, to correct the logical errors, to detect and to mark defective sectors, so that Windows no longer tries to use them. Of this form it can avoid that the equipment becomes unstable. Nevertheless there is a slight disadvantage, to verify the disc can require of long time realising this task. It depends on many things, like the PC in generating speed, the number of archives and folders in the disc, the amount of ram memory and the size of the disc. So the best thing is to only execute the disc verification if it is not necessary to use the equipment during some time.

Also Windows XP chkdsk wants exclusive access to the computer. In the majority of the cases it will be requested to him that it is reinitiated and will extend after the resumption of the system, reason why will not have access to his PC. By all means, always it can interrupt the process, but it is not a good idea. In order to execute To verify disc you do the following thing: 1. To look for in the icon My PC of the writing-desk and clicks in him double 2. It finds the disc that wishes to verify, clicks in him and goes to Properties 3.

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