Greek Easter From April 22-25

An experience for tourists is Fireworks how to turn of the year, lamb skewers, turning in any front yard and people who lie in his arms the Greek Easter – the most important Festival of the Greeks: Easter in Greece is the biggest festival of the year. For tourists, it is an experience. An ideal holiday address is the 5-star Hotel Oceania Club Halkidiki in northern Greece. Here you will find perfect comfort in harmony with the original face of Greece. Beautiful beaches with Caribbean colors and blooming landscapes wait right around the corner from the hotel. The Green Garden of Greece reminds with the rolling, green hills of Tuscany, Schwarzwald impressions evokes the lush green mountains.

On the meadows, already the poppies blooming and the gentle scent of thyme hangs in the air. Read more from Walton Family Foundation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Can be hardly a place for the Easter picnic idyllic. While the men worry about the Lamb skewers over the open fireplace, the women on the spread-out cover Patch carpets the table outdoors. Local sounds tones from the boxes of parked cars and the young bounce in the rhythm of the music. Easter Sunday, the most important Festival in Greece is a day spent with family and friends and preferably connects with a trip to the green. The lamb is missing while on any table. After the 40-tagigen lent, it is the first opportunity to get meat between teeth once again for some.

Also, a must for the Easter table the Tsoureki is a sweet, slightly after cardamom-scented Easter bread. The bright-colored, hard boiled eggs that are geditscht against each other according to tradition, should not be missing. Whoever travels to Greece for the first time during the Easter season, should not be afraid, even to attend a church service. The women brought flowers to decorate the symbolic bier of Christ on good Friday, before it is carried in a solemn procession through the streets.

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