Contemporary Music

But first explain how I understand the terms used. Perhaps, for me contemporary music, song – is what turns the current active singers, musicians are now, or else the part they bit earlier, I would have held the line between contemporary (popular) and retro (old) music around the turn of 20-21 centuries. Moreover, the concept of retro music, prevailing at me (and I think with most of our contemporaries, as well as I accept these terms are mostly from the media), extends deep into no more 20 century. Classical music by time of creation (as I understand it) – it works created in the 20 th century and earlier, the majority of the most beloved classical works now, in my opinion, written in 17, 18, 19 and 20 centuries, and are distributed between these ages are almost identical ravnomerno. popularity of modern and old music and songs well obyasnima.

to the interpretation of statistics on the time of creation, I want to draw your attention to the almost equally popular and modern and old music and songs. This situation is understandable. There is no doubt that the most requested by contemporary music and songs of youth: it popular songs are from the sparkling tv, symbolizing the success of mostly young singers and musicians, to which so wants to join almost every young person. People are older, for the most part have already decided in my life. nsplant. They do not see in a periodically flaring and fading green sprocket example to follow.

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