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While PS3 players are more likely to surf the Web than other owners of the same console. Xbox 360 users spend more time on games for xbox 360 online than those of PlayStation 3 or Wii, according to a study conducted by the Nielsen Company has revealed. Speaking candidly Brent Saunders told us the story. According to the results of the survey, 54% of Xbox 360 gamers use the console to play over the internet, compared with 46% of PlayStation 3 or 27% of Wii users. The data also reveal that 27% of users of PlayStation 3 – compared with 20% of Xbox 360 and Wi – used the console to navigate through the xbox 360 red.chip. Also details which activities each player uses their time: Xbox 360 users spend 62% of the time playing video games, 27 per cent watching films on dvd or through the services of video on demand and the other 11% listen to music or surf the net.

For its part, PlayStation 3 users spend 13% and 49% of the time in the consol and games for PSP, 38% with movies or other videos, browsing the Web or listening to music. Wii users are that more time is spent playing console, with 69% of the total time, while 20% devoted to watch videos online and 11 per cent of their time in front of the console to listen to music or surf the internet. In a statement Nielsen said: compared to the other two consoles, most of the time on the Wii is the only advantage of the online system used for online gaming, serious. This can be reflected in less emphasis in applications online games for the Wii in general.chip ps2. In terms of streaming, Netflix was introduced this year for the Wii console, but its leadership in action is probably a function of a time very reduced by each user that connects. In general, the Wii more defined for the use of traditional online games. Original author and source of the article

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