Emergency Boat

If the boat with the motor, set it strictly along the longitudinal axis of the boat. Regularly bail out the boat leaked water. Do not stand in the boat while in motion. Reduce speed on turns. Before starting rotation make sure not to ship back. Do not cross the course of large vessels and boats – is categorically prohibited.

At night, move at low speeds, have side lights in accordance with the rules of navigation. If in the tank, fastened on the motor, ran out of fuel, do not fill it up until the engine cools down. Not lost if the engine cover fire. Quickly cover it got under a hand tarpaulin cover, cloth or his own jacket. If the flame is not able to knock down, immediately leave the boat, otherwise you may suffer from fragments of the exploded tank. During a thunderstorm, is safer on the shore under shrubs or low trees. If the storm caught you on the water, put the oars in the boat without taking out rowlocks, drop to bottom, take cover from the rain coat and wait out bad weather. Even with light winds the boat must anchor so that it was his nose against the wind, toward the wave.

Wind at any time can dramatically increase, and substitute side of the boat to a strong wind and steep wave again unsafe. But if the wave starts already pretty rock the boat, it is better to pull up stakes and sail to the nearest beach. Special caution is required when fishing from inflatable boats. In addition to the above, on such floating facilities do not recommend swimming into place. The slightest "hitting" at the sharp edge of an underwater snags can lead to very dire consequences. But for pure, open areas should not swim at these boats too far from shore. In addition, you must always remember about another cunning inflatable boat. The fact is that in hot sunny weather tight pumped the boat at any time can literally explode and it happens because the air inside the boat expands when heated and if you do not take timely action, explosion is inevitable. And so, in order to avoid possible trouble in hot weather should be checked periodically pressure in the chamber boat. Good luck fishing! Take care of your life! Take good care of our environment! When an emergency call Emergency call "01"

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