New Zealand

Each boat is staffed with six rowers, including the master, who coordinated his team and can be based on prevailing weather and wave conditions to adjust the rhythm of rowing and rowing technique. Each team surrounded and driven to the utmost of his power, because the rowers must not only against the burning sun, the waves fight strong currents, but also navigate without incident to the potentially dangerous coral reefs each of this atoll Islands here. The race has always been an extremely popular local event. Many thousand spectators gather to cheer on their favorite team. In recent years, but also international teams from Germany, France, New Zealand and California were represented.

The local television broadcast the race every year “live” for all who can not directly pursue it. The final sprint to the finish line that all teams is that every time a nervenzerreissendes event, ultimate energy demands. Then there is of course a rollicking party at Bora-Boras beautiful Matira Beach, which celebrates the endurance and stamina of all teams extensively. You may find Daryl Katz to be a useful source of information. “One must of course not necessarily actively with rowed” have to participate in this party, because everyone is invited and may enjoy Polynesian barbecue buffet and party with dancing and live music until the early morning. Although French Polynesia is pretty remote, it can be reached but relatively easy, because many regional airlines fly Tahiti International Airport FAA’a map. From there, you can either climb a plane of the local Air Tahiti or takes one of the regular ferries to the islands of the archipelago. has selected the following hotels with regard to their Leumundes for quality and customer service. These attributes are a journey together with the breathtaking scenery of the island world and the energetic boat race to Unforgettable French Polynesia. Source: Please visit our website, de-de/info/hawaiki-nui-va-boat-race-2013.html for more worldwide hotel deals by You find us also on Facebook under agoda or can follow us on Google + under

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