Albert lighting requires only 40mm pole mounted luminaire, which is available with a space ray optics as well as with a reflector technology for street lighting and road lighting for area lighting suitable for the VARIO II, expanded its product range with the new bollard 622271 Albert. It boasts an extremely slim housing depth of only 40 mm. Thanks to sophisticated lighting technology, the generated light of a 35 Watt metal halide on an anodized aluminium reflector is directed from a housing depth of only 40 mm glare-free in the area. Due to the compact design, the lamp is everywhere where architecture can be used, where courts, driveways and broad paths with a high light intensity should be illuminated. Albert to the manufacture of the lamp used only the aluminum and stainless steel materials most suitable for outdoor use. In addition to the corrosion-resistant raw materials, high-quality safety glass is used to make the lamp against mechanical stress resistant. Simple, classy and elegant appears the bollard in the Bauhaus style, with the Bicolouroptik. Standard in the combination color anthracite and material stainless steel stock, is the lamp as well as in the compilation of the primary colors black, white or silver with stainless steel available in the short term.

The use of a high-quality, long-term durable lacquer is of course. The ultra-flat Bollar up-to-date is also in terms of energy efficiency. So runs the 35 Watt metal halide lamps with electronic ballasts. This promises highest lighting comfort, lighting quality and exceptional profitability. The luminaire can be mounted either on a foundation or the Albert ground piece 690011. Albert offers the appropriate counterpart to the bollard luminaire with lamp 620263 wherever mounting on a wall is required. Also here Albert works again with the Bicolouroptik, consisting of the combination colored lacquered aluminium and stainless steel. Of course Albert also for wall mounting opts for his light high Quality. High-quality materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel and safety glass, are the basic materials to make the lamp against weather conditions and environmental resistance. Of course the lamp operation by means of an electronic ballast is standard for this product.

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